Age is no barrier to joy.
Peace is always possible.
A Three Pillars Community is infused with awareness of the possibility of peace, and dedicated to supporting its
members’ aspiration for lifelong fulfillment.
Develop intergenerational urban villages, communities for individuals and families of all ages, observing universal design principles indoors and out, and fostering a sense of belonging for all members.

Create an active, healthful, sustainable living environment where people of all ages can form the mutually beneficial relationships that maximize the human potential of children, adults, and elders.

Provide a variety of supporting services to all members of the community and to the surrounding population.

Embrace a model that offers care and support of elders at home to the maximum extent possible, and can provide expert advocacy when away- from- home care is required.

Create a for- profit real estate development and services company positioned for a public offering, rapid growth, and strong investor return after the Asheville pilot has refined and proven the model.

Create an independent, not- for- profit foundation to help community members in need and to subsidize community membership for deserving people who could not otherwise afford it.

Cooperate creatively with relevant, like- minded businesses for mutual benefit, and encourage such partners to support the foundation as well.

Affirm and exemplify the understanding that what we have in common is more important than our differences and provides the foundation for a meaningful experience of community amidst great diversity.

It is from the hearts of human beings that peace can be created. We may look different, we may speak differently, but we have the same fundamental needs.
                                                              Prem Rawat